A solution to conflicting plugins and themes

It wouls be nice not being depending on a wordpress plugin. Because alot of different people uses a lot of different plugins, in my case I think Iam below average to use a lot of plugins. But some plugins are still needed such as; caching plugin, image cdn, contact form, different themes, etc. Many will work with your plugin some may not. In my case your plugin is only working halfway. I guess the plugin is conflicting with another plugin, because it happened after an update (and your plugin is working on another blog I have). A way to avoid this conflict for those who has plugins that are needed, would be to pull the same data into your back and get the data in a dashboard. And include all keywords (including keywords form GSC, same data and reports, etc), that way you totally avoid such problems. Dont neccesarly need to automatically click on the dashboard to link (if that would be difficult). But it would be nice to find interlinking opportunities beside just using a plugin. And people can choose between using a plugin or get the data from your backend dashbboard. I can have a "smaller" lesser known plugin, but I need this.... and thus it can make conflict with your plugin. Compared if your plugin was in conflict with Divi, Elementor or Yoast. You would most likely have fixed it right away. It would have taken everything with your plugin and interlinking up another level, because all the data dont have to be on the wordpress database anymore.