Q3 2023 - Report: Show if any page/post that contains the same URL more than twice

Internal linking is all about providing the best links possible. Adding the same URL twice in a single page might not be best practice. More links does not always mean better. And we don't want your site to be "spammy" in the eyes of Google. So this feature will be able to identify any page/post mentioned one URL more than once. Linking the same URL [embed: https://youtu.be/5AsLWIuNNMU] While it wont hurt to have 2 of the same URL in one page. here's what google said back in 2009 We look at all the links on a page and we extract those and then we annotate or fix them to the documents that they point to, and that link extraction process can select all the links or might select one of the links or might select some of the links, and that behavior changes over time, Might not be relevant now, but i think this is still relevant to provide quality links versus spamming a page with multiple same urls